A comparison between two studio programmes ‘This Morning’ and ‘Top Gear’ Studio programmes can be compared in many ways. There are many advantages to using a studio to film a programme. For example the environment is controlled which means that there will be no disturbances in the studio. Both magazine programmes ‘This Morning’ and ‘Top Gear’ use a similar style of presenting. Jeremy Clarkson , James May and Richard Hammond present the programme in a friendly chatty manner just like Philip and Fern on ‘This Morning’. Sometimes Phil and Fern on ‘this Morning’ can be so relaxed that they are well known for getting themselves into laughing fits or laughing when they shouldn’t. This style of ‘chatty’ presenting can be seen throughout the links below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8gUwqvb5EY Another advantage to studio programmes is the style of the set. For example the positive of having the studio means that the set will be able to be kept the same. In both ‘This Morning’ and ‘Top Gear’ the sets are kept the same, or relatively the same. The difference between the two programmes is that a main part of the ‘Top Gear’ set is the cars they have in on each episode changes. ‘This’ Morning’s’ set is homely and mimics the average living room. ‘This Morning’s’ set sometimes changes due to refurbishment but stays similar to the original set without a huge change. The benefits of this are that the viewers can relate to the set each time they tune in. A problem with having a set in a studio is that it has to be made. This can sometimes appear very false on screen and only really works well with cheesy studio sets such as ‘Blankety Blank’ etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWoW9QYlpgw Other advantages of filming in a studio is that weather is not an issue. The blackout of the studio stops climate and weather related problems. One of the main advantages of using a studio to film is the lighting is safer than on location. The lighting in a studio is all on the ceiling out of the way so that it does not cause any trailing wires etc. Using a studio is a lot more reliable than shooting on location. As you can tell by the presenting of both ‘This Morning’ and ‘Top gear’ they seem relaxed and not looking around or feeling edgy by the surroundings. There are also a lot of disadvantages to filming in a studio. For example the whole feel to the programme can be visually dull. ‘This Morning’ have tried to overcome the dull studio look by having a large window in the back of the set. This automatically makes the set appear brighter and more interesting. ‘Top Gear’ on the other hand is quite dull and dark. View the link to see; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hovbx6rvBaA Studio work requires the right amount of people to make the programme work. Too many or too little amount of people will end in the programme being spoilt. Working in a studio is very skill and people heavy. For the amount of space in the studio, a lot of people occupy the space. A studio is a lot smaller than on location meaning that you are very limited to what you can film. Overall there are many ways and differences that can occur in studio programmes, these are just a few.



In the lecture today we learnt about the world of fictional places within the internet. For example a site named ‘Second life’ allows the individual to create and manage a character within a fictional world online. A virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment intended for its users to inhabit and interact via avatars. These avatars are usually depicted as textual, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional graphical representations. In our class 2 members had an account on ‘second life’ whereas many of us had never even heard of it. Aparently within this fictional world you are able to buy money for your character to spend and you are able to build up huge groups of friends. Even our own university has its own space in this virtual world.Is this type of internet use for people who are seeking escapism or a change in identity? Peoples characters on screen appear physically very different to the reality of the individuals apperence.

For example a marragie even broke up over the use of ‘second life’ because the husband was acussed of having a virtual affair. I researched and read a few stories on the internet about this kind of issue; http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18139090/


This type of virtual reality can also be seen in earlier versions of this such as The sims, and Theme hospital. There are also other websites such as Twinty and Habbo hotel.


We learnt how to make a webpage with using div tags. Last time i found it really hard to keep up with making my html  so this time i was determined to make sure i would do it as i went along.

I found it really interesting and learnt alot through making my div tag pages. I managed to create a site that not only worked but i also created other items such as borders and placing my images in. Overall i think i have grasped dreamweaver better than i thought.


Surveilance and Privacy in a networked World.

Sousveillance; original French [suvɛjɑ̃s]) as well as inverse surveillance are terms coined by Steve Mann to describe the recording of an activity from the perspective of a participant in the activity,typically by way of small portable or wearable recording devices that often stream continuous live video to the Internet.

Another type of surveillance is Inverse surveillance meaning a ”watchful vigilance from underneath”.

Facebook and social networking has been thought to invade peoples personal lives. Facebook contains alot of personal information about yourself you may not even realise. For exmaple i was unaware that you can tun off your date of birth and your home town so that no one can see them. By using facebook you are disclosing personal information for everyone to see. On a programme on BBc1 i once watched a documentary on how social networking can change your life. Two girls had arranged to meet in there local town centre through myspace, and without realising disclosed the information to a 32 year old man who would follow them. Using social networking can seem so innocent but in reality shows all your personal information. Using the photo tool on facebook can also be an invasion of privacy. I am keen to upload any photos of myself from birthdays, trips out etc, and tag my friends in the photos too. These photos automatically become a part of all of our facebooks and make it so that anyone who is friends with us can see our photos also disclosing our fullnames.

Just recently in the news a 16 year old girl was sacked from her job because she wrote a blog saying how boring she found her new desk job. kimberly-swan


Facebook even has a chat tool. You are able to post any form of writing or blog so that all of your friends can see. The home page shows everything you have written and who to. There isnt really any escaping from anyone on social networking.


We learnt how to use Dreamweaver this week in the workshop. I have never heard of this programme and what it can create but found it very interesting.

At first i found the programme quite hard since i have no skills in this area. I found that if you tried to keep up with the lecturer it wasnt as hard as it seems. I managed to create a html site using dreamweaver. I was really impressed with my self and what i was able to achieve. Hopefully i will be able to create a div tag on dreamweaver.

I learnt that html;

  • It can be employed WITHOUT a deep understanding of programming
  • Numerous tools are available for writing HTML docs from simple text editors to sophisticated WYSIWYG environments
  • adobe_dreamweaver_81

    My Flickr

    Creating my photos for my flickr:

    When creating my photos for my flickr account, I thought it would be good to do them on ideas that are personal to myself. By using a combination of photos I already had and photos from the internet I manage to create 6 pictures that reflect statistics around me.
    I chose to create a picture about the amount I travel on a train. I took photos of many train tickets and place the image repeatatively.

    Another photo I created reflects the amount I spend on clothes a month. The image of coat hangers was taken of my wardrobe. I placed text across the top to show the amount I spend. Unfortuantley the images I had taken would not load onto other computers and showed as a broken file on my memory stick. Alternatively I recreated my photos the best I could from images I found on the internet to place them on to my first website. I will try to create the real images into a new website.


    My header


    I thought the look of my page blog didnt really show much about myself so i decided to change the header.

    I was unsure of how i was to do this after we had learnt it right at the beginning of the module, but i soon realised what i had to do.

    I chose an image of me and my friends that is bright and always make me smile when i look at it.